Rosa Shand | +44 7848931347
Eligible and available to work in the UK from July 2024

Hello, I’m Rosa Shand.

I’m an entrepreneurial human-centred designer with strong business acumen. I design systems, experiences and services that improve outcomes for both customers, organisations and ideally the planet.

After 4.5 years client facing experience as a consultant, these are the things I’m good at:

Customer research

I uncover customer needs and behaviours, generating key insights to inform business decisions.
Customer experience (CX)

I map and design customer experiences
to improve outcomes for customers and organisations.

Service design

I map the relationships between CX, tech and business processes to make sense of complexity and align to business goals.

I’m passionate about creating strong brands that resonate with customers.

These are the ways I do the things I’m good at: 

Visual communication design

I visualise things to make sense of complexity and make information accessible and digestible to those who need it.
Collaborative ways of working

I build cross functional, collaborative working environments, to ensure efforts are coordinated and the team are working towards the same vision.

I tell stories in order to make sure team mates, stakeholders and customers alike are invested in the journey.