Rosa Shand | +44 7848931347
Eligible and available to work in the UK from July 2024
Facilitating ecosystem level collaboration across the Health & Safety ecosystem in Aotearoa


Government agency

Public sector

Skill areas Sprints
Systems thinking
Visualising complex information
Workshop design & asset creation

This project sought to develop an ecosystem level implementation plan to government strategy to improve national health & safety outcomes in Aotearoa New Zealand


The opportunityThis project sought to develop an implementation plan to build on the existing government health & safety strategy document. The key aspect to our involvement in this project was to facilitate collaboration and an ecosystem approach across key government entities, industry specialists and union group representatives.

The outcome

Through this work we were able to bring together this diverse group of stakeholders who were not used to working in a collaborative, sprint style of working to align to a shared vision, build collegiality and build clear change impetous and direction.

My roleAs an analyst working with an associate director,  I took the lead on
  • Visual storytelling and visualing complex information

  • Storytelling of intervention logic

  • Workshop design and assets for a complex group with no prior experience working in a workshop or sprint style

  • Deliverable design

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