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Customer experience sprint for a key piece of public transport infrastructure


Government agency

Public sector

Skill areas
Journey mapping
Customer personas


Our client were working on the final stages of the detailed design of a key public transport hub which was being redeveloped.
The opportunity
Our client had detailed plans including rendered fly through videos from architects, engineers and wayfinding designers and wanted to ensure that all of these plans holistically served the needs of the customers who would be using this space. 

    The outcome

    We created a set of assumptive customer personas and mapped their journeys through the station to create a prioritised set of moments that matter with recommendations. 

    Examples include:
    • The customer service desk was positioned in a way where customers would have to queue blocking the entrance to the ticketing gates likely causing a bottleneck and accessibility issues

    • Likely area of crowding on platform blocking desire line to accessibility area
    • First journey support

    • Station storytelling

    • Disruptions

      My role I worked as part of a team of two, myself and a senior analyst to run a sprint process with members from our client working from plans, fly throughs and with a wayfinding agency to review the customer experience for users of the station.  

      This involved creation of: 
      • sprint plans
      • assumptive personas 
      • journey maps 
      • prioritised list of moments that matter, considering impact on customers and impact on patronage

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