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Eligible and available to work in the UK from July 2024

Hello, I’m Rosa Shand.

I’m an entrepreneurial human-centred designer with strong business acumen. I design systems, experiences and services that improve outcomes for both customers, organisations and ideally the planet.

After 4.5 years client facing experience as a consultant, these are the things I’m good at:

Customer research

I uncover customer needs and behaviours, generating key insights to inform business decisions.
Customer experience (CX)

I map and design customer experiences
to improve outcomes for customers and organisations.

Service design

I map the relationships between CX, tech and business processes to make sense of complexity and align to business goals.

I’m passionate about creating strong brands that resonate with customers.

These are the ways I do the things I’m good at: 

Visual communication design

I visualise things to make sense of complexity and make information accessible and digestible to those who need it.
Collaborative ways of working

I build cross functional, collaborative working environments, to ensure efforts are coordinated and the team are working towards the same vision.

I tell stories in order to make sure team mates, stakeholders and customers alike are invested in the journey.  

Selected projects

(Note, all work displayed is intentionally illegible to protect confidential information and is to be viewed as an indication of working style.)

Public Sector | Public transport, ticketing

Public Sector | Public transport, ticketing

Public Sector | Public transport, ticketing

Public Sector | Public Transport, built environments

Private Sector | Financial services

Client feedback

Rosa is exactly the kind of person who gives me hope that the future is in good hands.

It's easy to become jaded over time when it comes to project / programme delivery which has the adverse outcome of creating some type of zombie march to the finish line. Folks with Rosa's skillset and more importantly, mindset, breathe life into our work ensuring that we maintain a focus on storytelling, keeping the customer in the centre of what we do, and allowing us to bring our stakeholders on the journey in a collaborative way.

To me, this is what takes us from good to great.  Rosa has been absolutely instrumental in ensuring the work we've done in the project team goes beyond simply delivering the solution, but also ensuring that our stakeholders and customers can be taken along the ride in a truly meaningful way. All my experience tells me this is the way forward, and I hope we continue to bottle up the skills and mindset of Rosa to ensure the programme delivers meaningful outcomes in a collaborative way.

We've had nothing but amazing feedback on the work she's produced, and she's set us up really well as we get into the nuts and bolts of rolling out.

Client - May 2024

Who am I?

I’m a creative and a systems thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit. I adore nice clothing and interior design and thinking about how to make life more enjoyable for myself and for others. I love recommending things to people so if I find a good new show/restaurant/skincare product, everyone around me will hear about it. I like to think I have a finger on the pulse of trends and pop culture and an eye and ear for talent (please refer to my Lorde trophy). I like to go to festivals and do yoga and travel and when I’m not thinking about all the tiny and not so tiny ways these experiences could be improved I might be reading or listening to music or having a good old fashioned scroll of Tiktok or if I’m feeling high brow.

This is me!
This is where I’m from.
This is my self awarded trophy for being Lorde’s first fan that she didn’t know personally (enquire within for receipts).
This is me also but more formal!
This is the book I’m currently reading, we could discuss it over coffee.

Personal projects

Here are some projects which reflect my personal visual style and interests beyond the corporate buzzwords.

Iffy is ⎼

I supported my friend Bonnie Lee with the design and brand for her project Iffy is. To conclude the stunt that was 2020, together, we celebrated creativity and community with a pop-up shop stocking good things made in Aotearoa. Iffy provided a brick and mortar opportunity for 19 emerging local makers to showcase and sell their goods at the end of a long, hard year.

Lockdown starcharts
2020? 2021? It really all blurs together

During lockdown I was hit with an urge to create starcharts / activity books for all of my closest friends and family to boost morale, so I did. I have found that coloured paper and stickers do tend to spark joy in most humans regardless of age.

Conversations with Friends
Massey University honours project 2019
Design Institute of New Zealand Bronze Design for Public Good BEST Award 2020

My university honours project, Conversations with Friends, was focused on mental health and community care. Built out of resistance to the Western pursuit of quick, individual ‘band-aid’ solutions, Conversations with Friends allowed for a gentle exploration of the underlying causes of mental distress. Most importantly, Conversations with Friends recognised the power of the collective experience and championed connection and community in its approach. The premise - self care that’s not all about you. 

CwF was designed as an 8 week programme supported by a physical journal. Each week consisted of a group workshop (a conversation with friends, if you will), an activity and reflective journal prompts (a conversation with self).  

75 Day Medium(?)

My colleagues decided to embark on the ‘75 Day Hard challenge’, a challenge which involves committing to a number of hard things for 75 days. The OG challenge sounded pretty miserable and although they individually diluted it in order to be slightly less miserable, the most miserable factor was that they were planning on tracking it using spreadsheets and post it notes. NOT ON MY WATCH I screamed at them before arriving at the office, coloured paper and star stickers in hand, further cementing my reputation as a hot chocolate drinking 5 year old.


Kris Nygren
PwC New Zealand

I was lucky enough to spend 4.5+ years in Kris’ team. He taught me the joy of working for a leader who truly cares and works hard to build and protect an incredible working culture. He also taught me the importance of telling a good story.

If you want to hear what Kris has to say about me, get in touch:
Jared Van Heunen
Head of Strategy
United Nations Development Program

I worked with Jared for over 4 years at PwC. He showed me what being an empathetic and authentic leader looks like and taught me to focus on the things that matter. 

If you want to hear what Jared has to say about me, get in touch:

Freddie Engberts
PwC New Zealand

Freddie was the director who oversaw my final job at PwC. She taught me a lot about strategic service design and how to elegantly manage stakeholders, particularly as a woman.

If you want to hear what Freddie has to say about me, get in touch:

Grace Bennetts
PwC New Zealand

Grace and I worked together closely for 4.5 years. We bonded over many things including our almost identical Tiktok FYP’s and being nerds about public transport ticketing.

If you want to hear what Grace has to say about me, get in touch:

Get in touch: +44 7848931347 or  Email LinkedIn

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